My hardwood floor is squeaking!

My hardwood floor is squeaking! 0

Squeaks and wood are par the course in the hardwood floor industry especially in older homes.

Occasionally I have come across squeaking floors that have been installed in new or renovated homes.
Xonic Flooring

Xonic Flooring 0

With Krono Xonic we are able to offer a genuinely high-tech article that is more scratch-resistant and robust than most other floors and is naturally waterproof.
Rug Sizing

Rug Sizing 0

Choosing the right size of area rug is just as important as selecting a pattern or colour. Whether rectangle, square or round, the perfect size and shape of a rug is a critical to achieving the right look for a room's particular proportions and design.
New Product In Stores!

New Product In Stores! 0

Our brand new Place and Go Luxury Vinyl plank isn't just highly practical and easy to fit it also brings a new modern exciting look to any room.