Carpet Fiber Types

Carpet Fiber Types:

Here is a breakdown in the type of carpet fibers so you have an idea of what might be the best choice for your space.


It is a very durable fiber with excellent performance characteristics. Its strengths include good resiliency, it holds its shape well, it is can be treated with stain resistant, it can hide soiling well, and good wear resistance. It is the strongest fiber, making it an excellent choice for the heavy traffic of an active household or commercial space. It's also the most durable of the synthetics. It is soil and mildew resistant and resilient. The only downside to Nylon is it is prone to static; however this can be off sided with an anti-static treatment.


 Polyester fiber produces some of the most beautiful colour tones available. It also is extremely fade resistant and provides excellent resistance to stains. Polyester offers a wide selection of textures and colours. It is non-allergenic, sheds moisture and resists moths and mildew at a lower cost than wool or nylon. While it's susceptible to pilling, shedding and oil-based stains, it otherwise cleans fairly easily and is enhanced by stain treatments. Some polyester fibers are recycled from plastic pop bottles, so if environmental concerns are important to you, ask for polyester fibers that have been reclaimed from post consumer use products.


 This traditional favourite offers a deep, rich look and feel. Wool remains the premier fiber in carpet construction. It has excellent resilience and durability, but is more expensive often twice as much per yard as nylon. Other synthetic fibers have done an excellent job of duplicating the characteristics of wool, although none can duplicate all of these characteristics. Wool cleans especially well, provides beautiful colors, and has good resiliency, but special care should be used in cleaning wool carpet.