Why Choose Carpet?

When is it best to choose carpet?

Carpet has many benefits as a flooring option, if you’re looking to:

 Remodel Your Room – A new choice in carpet can transform a room from drab and old fashioned to modern and stylish. Carpet can be the key foundation of any room’s décor, available in a variety of colours and textures; carpet creates an unlimited number of possibilities for your decorating needs.

Provide Warmth – Carpet brings a cozy element to any room which makes it a great choice for bedrooms, family rooms and other areas of the home where you want to achieve warmth. Carpet is a natural insulator; it provides an insulation level that could save you utility costs while reducing energy use.

Reduce Sound – By far the most effective way of reducing noise from above is to lay carpet with a thick under pad underneath. Carpet is an exceptional sound absorber, carpet can reduce the sound of walking by 25 to 34 decibels — whereas laminate flooring reduces surface sounds by only 1 to 6 decibels.

Provide Safety – Carpet provides safety for the whole family, but especially for toddlers taking their first steps (and falls!) and older individuals. It provides a non-slip surface underfoot which is particularly important on areas such as stairs and can minimise the likelihood of injury, with a natural cushion when falls do occur.

Easy Maintenance - Many carpets in the market are stain resistant and thus spills can be easily cleaned up with minimal effort.

Low Cost – The low cost of carpet offers an economical alternative to other flooring choices.

Long Lasting – Carpets on the marker today are long-lasting and extremely durable; they will last for a long time with reasonable care.